Good Hosting For Affiliate Marketing

Good hosting companies to be considered for affiliate marketing:

Is HostGator Good?  - HostGator is one of the main hosting companies and hosts milions of domains and websites.
HostGator offers billing cycles as short as one month, which can be a good option if you have a limited budget.
The shared plans offered by HostGator can definitely be a good option for someone starting with his or her first blog.

Bluehost Review - Together with HostGator, Bluehost is one of the leading companies in terms of affordable shared hosting. Among its advantages, Bluehost offers a free domain for every new hosting sign up.

A2 Hosting - A2 hosting is also a good affordable hosting option for anyone wishing to start with this first online business. Even if the renewal price of A2 hosting is quite pricy, the first year is extremely affordable, and can be an excellent choice to run a WordPress blog.

If you want to consider other hosting options, check this post about the fastest WordPress hosting companies.…

10 ways to GET RICH

I've read Warren Buffet's advices about getting rich, it's really amazing, and i would like to share it with you. If you don't know who Warren Buffet is, well, he is the richest man on earth: net worth of $62 billion. He earned most of his fortune by trading solid shares on the stock market, with the idea of always "buying what you know". And now you are going to read 10 ways to get rich by the man himself and some comments by me:

1 - Reinvest your profit > Got a nice payment from your business, don't go buying a bottle of Veuve Clicquot and throw a party. The beginnings are always the hardest parts, it's like a plane taking off, it's hard and it's necessary a lot of throttle for it to leave the ground, and the same applies for business, once it's already flying, things get much lighter.

2 - Be willing to be different > Mainly when talking about internet business, once a man has an idea, the cattle follows and copies him nonstop. Be ah…

How to open an offshore account

Today i am going to talk about a very useful topic for many of us who have business on the internet. Nowadays it's quite easy to open an offshore bank account, and no matter for what reason you want to do it, here are some nice advantages that opening an offshore bank account can bring to you, here we go:

-People who want to bank in multiple currencies, you can leave an offshore bank account in a currency different from the one of your country, eventually earning from it in case your national currency is going through a devaluation process.

-Those who are seeking international access to their money. In many countries international bank transfers are limited, and even online shopping can be very difficult, the offshore bank account can solve this situation.

-And finally if you want to have more privacy about your funds. For example: you hate your wife, you don't want her to know where is your money is, so this is for you my friend.

Specifically an offshore bank account can also be …

Affiliate Marketing - Choose Quality over Quantity

A lot of people are into affiliate marketing nowadays, it is an important source of money for internet business individuals, but sometimes webmasters forget that their site traffic is based on its content rather than on how many affiliate banners they have on their side and top bars.

The first thing one should consider while choosing affiliate campaigns to display on their site is the attractiveness it has to your traffic. If you put a coffee brand affiliate banner on your toy-related website, the odds of getting significant profits from it are slow. You have to choose only affiliate campaigns that make at least a bit of sense or that are related somehow to your site content.

One therefore can say, "The more the better, if one visitor has more options to click, he has more chances to click on something". I don't think that is the best way to pursue profit on affiliate programs, a big quantity of banners and buttons on your site that don't match will bring pollution rat…

Private Advertising On Your Site

Nowadays, a lot of automated advertisement services, such as Google Adsense, Azoogle, and also in text automated links such as Kontera and Infolinks are the main source of revenue for many blog owners and webmasters, at the same time that it is the most powerful tool for advertisers, due to its global and immediate reach. They are nice and reliable but they aren't the only possible way for advertising on your website and earn directly with impressions and/or clicks.

If you have a consolidated website with a decent traffic rate you can offer banner spaces directly to potential companies that would like their name on your site. You can put a section on your site where the advertisers would click themselves and contact you for a possible arrangement, or you can send emails, telling them about the advantages of advertising in your site, and finally convincing them to do it.

Here is a perfect example of how successful this approach can be: On the Earn Forex website, there is a Forex Adv…

Webmoney Exchange Service

Transactions using e-gold have grown worldwide, and even small businesses in the U.S., Europe, and Asia, are making use of this digital currency exchanges when doing business. These exchange e-gold currency for electronic money, or convert one type of digital currency (DC) to another, such as WebMoney into e-gold.

But if you are into this kind of business such as to sell e-gold for wmz, visit Automatic e-gold and WebMoney exchange service The exchanges are done here completely in an automatic mode in 1-5 minutes. They also specialize in an exchange, input-output of electronic currencies.

You can find in the WebMoney site a list of online resources that trade WebMoney with a list of different e-currencies, and i believe it is very useful for all sorts of Internet entrepreneurs, since the growth of e-currencies is higher every year.

So here is the link with a list of different webmoney and other e-currencies exchange services, mostly are russian, but you can also find a good variety of en…

Indexing Your Blog Updates Quickly

Indexing your website quickly to search engines is something EXTREMELY fundamental if you want more traffic on your site, every time you write a post or even if you start a whole new website, google, yahoo and other less popular search engines take some amount of time for indexing it, and it may vary due different factors which will not be treated here except for one which is building a site map.

Google (XML) Sitemaps Generator for WordPress is a great tool for creating site maps, and if your blog is based on Wordpress you should really download it and check it out the difference that a site map can make for your website to be indexed on search engines. Here are some features of this site map generator:


* Available for all WordPress versions since 1.5
* No PHP skills or file changes needed
* User interface to customize all parameters like priorities etc.
* Available in many languages
* Generates automatically a sitemap for all types of WordPress pages
* Calculates …